Fragrance review: Piccadilly ’69 by Jack Perfume

By Robert Etheridge Thursday 13th Oct, 2016

In an age where almost every brand claims that buying their product is an expression of your individuality, does this mean none of us are individuals?

We assign a fragrance to ourselves like we invent our signatures; we hope nobody will come up with the same idea. In reality, we’re at the mercy of the perfumery rather than our own creativity.

I’m at a crossroads with my aftershave. It’s perfectly pleasant, if a little faint but I’m slightly intimidated by the plethora of other fragrance brands out there. I’d probably wander into a department store and regret whatever I came out with. As such, I’m open to suggestions.

I was then, rather intrigued to try Piccadilly ’69, a new fragrance from Jack Perfume, the brainchild of actor Richard E. Grant and his fascination with scent.

You can’t help but be drawn in by the striking packaging. Open it and the elegant bottle is nicely presented in a drawstring union jack bag. This is a quirky British item, and the tag to personalise is a nice touch. The whole effect is that it was made especially for you, and it’s reassuring that the product isn’t tested on animals.

At first spray, the citrus notes from the bergamot are immediately apparent. It’s potent and unlike anything else I’ve tried. Ginger gives it zing and the green leaves give it a unique artisanal freshness.

Lower notes include petrol and leather for a classy, masculine overall finish that is long lasting and sure to receive a compliment, and a recommendation from us. You’ll be proud to make this your signature scent, and you’ll be glad Richard E Grant was bold enough to make it.

Where to buy

Piccadilly ’69 by Jack Perfume is available now, exclusive to Liberty and Brown Thomas Ireland.

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