Penhaligon’s Portraits: Roaring Radcliff

By Adam Tuesday 14th Feb, 2017

Back in December we wrote about The Tragedy of Lord George, one of the new Penhaligon’s Portraits Chapter 1 fragrances. A few months on and the charming story continues with a host of new characters.

Penhaligon’s have done fantastically well to build such a great story behind the characters and we’ve now got Lord George’s secret son, The Roaring Radcliffe in for review.

Who is The Roaring Radcliffe? Well some would say he’s Lord George’s illegitimate son. He enjoys fun without responsibility. Freedom without a badge. Money without obligation. Fast cars, and even faster women, Radcliff has it all – intrigued?

Like the rest of the collection a gender hasn’t been attached to any of the fragrances but this is a really traditional masculine scent. It’s spicy and smokey with notes of Rum, Tobacco and Ginger Bread all prominent.

Like the rest of the collection the design of the bottle is superb. It’s a small piece of art to sit on your dresser for the time you have the fragrance.

£178 at Penhaligons or in store at The Royal Exchange