Penhaligon’s: The Tragedy of Lord George Review

By Adam Tuesday 6th Dec, 2016

It’s been some time now since we’ve covered Penhaligon’s and after we attended a breakfast at the Royal Exchange to hear about the brands new Portraits Chapter 1 collection, I’m really not sure why it’s been so long.

Penhaligon’s has been making unusual fragrances since they opened on Jermyn Street in 1872 and most of the Penhaligon’s range is spot on for a Dapper Chapper, but this collection is particularly special.


Portraits Chapter 1 was eloquently explained by the PR as a series of intertwined stories with four characters at the heart of the narrative. The stories narrates the intrigues of a rogue’s gallery of fictional aristocrats including Lord George, Lady Blanche, The Duke and The Duchess.


Whilst a gender hasn’t been attached to any of the fragrances Lord George and The Duke were definitely more in line with traditional masculine scents and it was Lord George that we’ve had for review.

His fragrance is masculine and elegant with woody notes and the three key ingredients shining through are Brandy, Tonka bean and perhaps most interestingly Shaving Soap, which does come through and is pleasant.

What the brand says about the Lord George fragrance : “Powerful, rich and ever-so welcoming — “ do come in, I’m sure we’ve met before ”. For the well-to-do who are able, stable, reassuring — but also lots of fun. A solid shoulder to cry on (was that a protective hand I felt on my _ ?) This is a fragrance for the man whose reputation lives on.”

It’s more of an evening fragrance but it really is a lovely scent. £180 for 75ml comes at the higher end of the male fragrance market but on top of the unique fragrance you’re also paying for perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing bottle to sit on your dresser throughout the year.


£180 at Penhaligon’s The Royal Exchange