Hair Transplant’s: What’s it all about?

By Adam Friday 7th Sep, 2018

While some of us can definitely pull off the Statham look with panache, some would definitely rather go down the Nesbitt route – a significant reversal of the receding march. The guy looks good, it has to be said. But all joking aside, we know that there are all kinds of things that can affect the health of your hair – stress, illness and of course genes. And it can have a profound effect on our confidence too. Thankfully, there are some options out there.

So where do you start if you want to improve your follicular situation? Well, recently this service has become very popular for Brits travelling to Turkey. Not only do you get a warm welcome and some of the lowest prices in Europe for a variety of treatments both medicated and surgical, you can be assured you’re in some of the most capable hands too. Expert consultants will go through all the available treatment options, discussing what’s best for you, and together you can create a tailored treatment plan that’s designed just for you.
Generally there are two broad approaches to treatment – medicated and surgical. Medicated is considered more preventative, a ‘catch it early’ type which works far more effectively at that stage than later on. There are two options available within the medicated route, both of which are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Minoxidil (which is better known as Rogaine) which comes in a liquid or foam form and is applied to the scalp twice daily, and Finasteride (also known as Propecia) which is taken in pill form, and available only to make patients.
If you are more advanced, options within the surgical arena are either FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) the most traditional kind, where a strip of tissue is removed and transplanted to another area of the scalp, and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which is more time and labour intensive, involving moving single strands from one area to the other.
So we know there are options – let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – price. Each prescription will be different, depending on what your personal needs are, but the good news is that in general the prices in Turkey are up to 80% less than comparable procedures in other countries, and everything is transparent and up front. There are clear guidelines to calculate individual quotes, including which technique you plan on using (medical or surgical) the grade of hair loss, how dense or thick you’d like the results to be, the number of grafts needed, the doctor themselves and choice of clinic, and post-procedure treatment to ensure the transplant takes successfully.
As we mentioned, prices vary but there are amazing deals on offer with a number of clinics, and while we looked at a few we were impressed by Hair Transplant Turkey, who take care of everything from the pre-, post-, and surgery itself as well as airport transfers, accommodation, full medical reports and of course a full medical team including nurses, anaesthesiologists and doctors to take care of everything you need. They offer a free email quotation, so if you’re in the market there’s no harm in taking a look.
No matter what chaps, remember that confidence comes from within. Don’t ever feel pressured to change because of what someone else thinks – I’ve never heard of a fellow losing friends over some follicles. But if you do fancy checking them out, you can visit their website where prices in Turkey are up to 80% less !