Hanz De Fuko Hair Cream Review

By Joe Burns Wednesday 31st Jan, 2018

Styling your hair is a very personal thing and every man takes his own sweet time perfecting his look each day. Along with your own very unique method, you’re also likely to have your go-to product that hasn’t let you down, a regular in the shopping basket and something you’ll never be too short on. 

So when I was given a sample of the Hanz De Fuko “Scheme Cream” I was intrigued to see if it could be a new contender in my bathroom cabinet arsenal, or would it be cast aside like so many others?
Recently, I’ve been a keen advocate for the natural ingredient containing hair products. I find they actually look after your barnet, they compliment your scalp and they’re easy to wash out, which is essential for healthy locks. 
With Hanz De Fuko, I’m pleased to say they have included organic extracts in their product, which is also paraben free. A good start in my opinion.
The cream itself is soft and very easily workable, a departure from the pomade style products I’m used to. As always, it’s essential to really emulsify the product in your hands first, generate a little heat, then work it through your hair. It smells good too, not overpowering, but a slight and pleasant aroma wafts around as you use this.
I’ve experimented with damp and dry hair, towel dried or blow-dried, and I’m pleased to say this stuff does indeed create a natural, medium hold look, with a satin finish (as oppose to the medium shine it states). Personally, I prefer a more natural style, so used sparingly on pre blow-dried hair, this can create that type of look. If you prefer a more classic style, leave your hair damp and apply this with the help of a comb. 
I understand that not all hair products are suitable for everyone, but if you’re keen to move on from your current choice, then why not give this a go? I can say with so much enthusiasm that when you do find your new number 1 hair product, it really reinvigorates your morning routine, and Hanz De Fuko may just be what you’re looking for!
Available online for around £16.