Hanz De Fuko “Heavymade” Pomade Review

By Joe Burns Friday 13th Apr, 2018

You guys may remember the last time we reviewed a Hanz De Fuko styling product, but if not, check it out after this.

Spoiler alert: we love what they do and with good reason!

We were approached again to try another of their creations, this time, an extreme hold, high shine pomade under the moniker “Heavymade”. With a good experience previously, I had high hopes – I was expecting a well made, easy to apply product that performed well and washed out easily.

The first thing that struck me was the appearance of the pomade. It actually looked a little like an old-fashioned gel, albeit with a more sophisticated colour and tone. This wasn’t going to put me off, and I was confident my styling skills have moved on since the days of wet look Shockwaves. Next, I was reminded this was an extreme hold product when I dug a digit into the pot. This really is quite a thick product, but as always, a little goes a long way.

After working the pomade through my hands and warming it up, I applied it to my shorter length style and I’m happy to report this was easy to work through all of my hair.

Immediately, I was able to achieve a strong, professional look thanks to the way this pomade maintains a solid hold of of your hair.

As the description suggests, there is a high shine, but not as much as a cheaper, poorly made product. It’s a sophisticated shine, suitable for shorter hair styles of all colours.

The product stayed in well all day long, after work and a social event in the evening, I was happy to see my hair had stayed in check the whole time.

After a few hours, you can be bold enough to run your hands through it to soften up the appearance, ideal for those casual drinks after work…

What’s more, just like their other products, a shower easily washed the pomade out straight away, keeping my locks healthy for another day.

If you have a longer hair style, you may want to give the Scheme Cream a go, it has a medium hold and natural shine but is slightly more workable through thicker, lengthier hair.

Hanz De Fuko “Heavymade” is available online for around £16 for a 56g pot that should last you at least a month.