Hawkins & Brimble Matt Clay Review

By Alex Noble Wednesday 14th Feb, 2018

mChappers, sometimes we should take a step back and think just how fortunate we are to be British – it’s a cracking little Island with a wonderful heritage and the home of globally renowned spots like Stonehenge, White Cliffs of Dover and Savile Row. 

That’s why we get so excited when a quintessentially British brand pops up – one we can admire and enthuse about. Hawkins & Brimble were founded in 2016 and are rooted in British style and pioneers of #CoolBrittania.

The time-restricted, always on the go kind of chapper, requires durable products that offer a clinical finish, protection from the elements, and something that is kind on the senses. Hawkins & Brimble products cater for all of the above…

‘Our grooming collection is effortless yet edgy, playful yet polished and promotes a subtle yet sophisticated routine that is easy to adopt.’

Their matt clay was a Dapper Chapper favourite…

This product is ideal for those who seek a textured look on top, which can add thickness and weight, making your lid a lot fuller looking. It’s got added Tsubaki Oil from the Japanese Tsubaki plant, and coconut oil to help improve hair condition without leaving it greasy. All in all it’s a fantastic clay that won’t leave your hair damaged and disheveled

We found the best way to use it was on damp to dry hair – make sure you work the clay nicely into your palms so you don’t overdo the product within your hair

So chappers, celebrate Britishness, whilst maintaining a well-groomed thatch with Hawkins & Brimble’s matt clay.