Murdock London: Shoredtich

By Alex Noble Wednesday 6th Jun, 2018

Chappers, do you have a trusted barber whom you visit not just for a quality grooming experience, but an entertaining chin-wag and a cup of coffee (or something stronger)? The kind of barber that knows your lid like the back of their hand, and understands the balance between what you want and what’s best for your head?

Well if you do, then I commend you but for many blokes, it’s a concept they can’t really get their heads around…

You go to the barbers for an experience..?’

Many view their monthly appointment with the scissors and clippers as nothing more than a necessity:

‘My hair and facial hair grows, thus I must use a professional service that will take care of it. I don’t really mind who does it, by what method, or where it’s done (convenience is key), just tame my mane.’

In my ever so humble opinion, you’re doing it wrong.

Find somewhere and more importantly, someone that you feel a really positive vibe from; that delivers the goods whenever you visit, that asks what you want instead of simply using your face and head as a canvas on which they can express their creativity. Bonus points if you find a favourite that possesses its own products that can assist you in getting that ‘fresh cut’ look. After all, these guys are the masters and you love what they do with your hair, so why not try your bet to replicate it?!

In an age where professional grooming is becoming an essential for the lifestyle of a contemporary gent, I could not recommend Murdocks in Shoreditch highly enough. I’ve spoken before about how the brand’s new product range is brilliant but what really makes them the exception in London, is their client services. From the moment you walk through the door and see the slightly edgy but traditional barbershop decor, along with a smiling face behind the front desk, you know you’re getting a service that goes above and beyond your average cut and blow-dry.