Product Review: Oliver J. Woods

By Alex Noble Thursday 22nd Mar, 2018

Ok, so you know when you’re loyal to a brand for many years, often due to convenience and your own lack of research, know-how and motivation to try anything else? Well, you’re not alone – many chaps often find a brand and stick to it, swear by it and work it, without really knowing if it’s suitable for their hair type and style desires. It’s time you got on the #SortYourHairOut movement!

Oliver J. Woods is the exception. This chap has spent 20 years styling hair for celebrities, models and adverts, mixing and matching with products but failing to find that one killer range he could really trust and rely on to do a universal job. So, he did the smart thing and performed extensive research and conducted copious experiments in order to discover and produce a range that he believes truly caters for a gentleman’s hair needs.

The range currently consists of three brilliant products that certainly all do the trick. May I add before I go into further detail, the fragrance they all possess is wonderful – It’s a real USP to get such wonderful aromas from hair products, which leave you continuously smelling your hands throughout the day. I actually had one chap ask what cologne I was wearing…only for him to find out the scent was from my beard oil.

Abyssinian Clay

The clay is made with Hazelnut and Abyssinica Seed Oils, which delivers a wonderful aroma and firm hold that can be re-worked at any time. The product can be used on your lid, whether wet or dry, and what’s more, it’s suitable for all hair types. Personal I’d advise those with hair closer to the finer spectrum to use the clay. Usually they say a little goes a long way but be slightly over-generous with this product. 

Perilla Oil

The remedy to frizzy hair, beards with a mind of their own and rough, unkempt skin. This oil is a grooming dream. In an age where male facial maintenance is essential, this product is brilliant for keeping the skin nourished, facial hair moist and more importantly, in place – we can’t have any loose hairs popping up now can we? Again, the scent is extremely indulgent and reeks of quality. My go-to from now on. 

Blackseed Wax

Revitalise and protect your barnet with this wonderful wax, which feels smooth and natural when rubbed into the palm of your hands. Like the clay, this offers a strong and workable hold and I’d suggest those with thicker hair veer towards the wax, as it’ll provide increased volume and shape. This product is scented by ‘Persica, Coconut and Sativa Oils. And ting,’ and my god it’s wonderful.

An accomplished and original collection from Oliver J Woods, and one you can rely on due to his experience and research within the field of grooming.