Refinery Face Wash and After Shave Balm Review

By Joe Burns Wednesday 4th Apr, 2018

We’re already fans of what Refinery have on offer, and if you’ve previously taken our advice, you’d have dabbled with their creations too.

Still, with so many brands out there and only so many faces in the office, it can prove challenging to get time to try everything, I know, first world problems hey?

So naturally it was very good news to take delivery of two great products from the Refinery’s collection, the face wash and after shave balm. 

First up, the two products come in the distinctive colour and packaging, an aesthetic blend of understated class and masculinity. 

I tried the Face Wash first, after exfoliating with my usual product. The first thing to note is the scent captured in the tube. It’s a mixture of spice and musk, but subtle and incredibly pleasant. The wash is quite watery, but this isn’t a bad thing. It’s so smooth and easily glides across the surface of the skin, making it easy to apply all over. It also means a little goes a long way, which is great because you’ll want to keep using this again and again. 

It gently cleanses the skin and thanks to the essential oils, really hydrates and awakens the skin too. What’s more, theres a gentle reminder the whole time of that fantastic fragrance within.

Next, after shaving with my regular products, and towel drying my face and neck, I applied the After Shave Balm. Once again, the scent hit me first and it was very nice to know Refinery have continued with their winning formula in this area. The balm also has a very fluid consistency which makes applying it very easy, and instantly, your skin soaks it up. 

Unlike other balms I’ve tried, this doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your face that takes forever to dry. It soaks in well and continues to hydrate and nourish your skin just like the face wash. 

Both products work wonderfully, and since using them over the last week or so my skin has felt fully hydrated even in these biting conditions outside. The bottle sizes mean they’re ideal for home or the travel bag, so head over to now to bag yourselves something new for 2018.