By Joe Burns Thursday 5th Oct, 2017

Every man has his essential items required to get ready to face the day, and if you’re like me, then a good quality lip balm is definitely on that list.

I’ve used many over the years, from your basic petroleum jelly to your cheap and cheerful drug-store option, but these days I opt for something a little more, well, refined.

Good thing then that we were sent a sample of The Refinery’s lip balm – a no nonsense moisturising balm developed with the company’s ethos in mind, using essential oils and ingredients formulated for male skin, to provide a high-quality product for great results.

It’s no lie that other lip-balms out there tend to be counter-productive in the long run; actually drying out your lips over time so that you’re in need of repeat applications throughout the day. With The Refinery lip-balm, this is not the case, and we can only put this down to the lack of dodgy ingredients. Instead, it provides long lasting, subtle moisture to your chapped lips, and feels luxurious and sophisticated at the same time.

The Refinery Lip Balm will be available at your one-stop grooming supplies store soon.