Who’s Our Go-To Barbers?

By Adam Thursday 4th Feb, 2016

London Collections weekend has been and gone for another season & almost a month on we’ve finally got all the brands up on the blog. All but one that is, because we haven’t told you about which barbers got us in shape for the weekend.

I was was in need of a good trim and although it was my much cooler style editor Rash that mostly got snapped on the street relentlessly over the weekend (with some media actively cropping me out which I haven’t taking it personally at all), it was important to represent the site as best as we could over weekend – we are Dapper Chapper’s after all.

We’ve made lots of friends in the barbering world over the last year, most of whom have been covered in our Grooming Places To Go section but for me it was an easy choice, Ruffians.

I actually noticed similar posts from other members of the male style blogging members who also backed Ruffians for the weekend as their go to venue to ‘sort them out’. Why? Well, you can read our other blogs here, but to break it down the award-winning barbers is just cool and always produce a good cut.

The lovely lady in the pictures was Jaymarie Winkler, who was bold and brave with her cut but really rather nice to talk to during the session.

The main news out of Ruffians HQ is that they’ve opened another London shope in Marylebone, 63 Wigmore Street W1U 1PX – let’s hope they keep ’em coming. So here’s the end result:

Visit Ruffians Covent Garden