Why I’ve Introduced a Standing Desk : VARIDESK Review

By Adam Thursday 19th Jul, 2018

I work with a team of guys all younger than me. I’ve only just snuck the wrong side of 30 but at times I can hear myself sounding like a (very on-trend) 70 year old, as I bumble on about the benefits of Chiropractic care, Yoga and Pilates.

It all started two years ago when I broke my leg and started my rehab. My Physiotherapist and Chiropractor had no doubt that I’d fully recover and would be back to sport in no time. ‘Great!’ I thought, but they weren’t quite done…

Both flagged my awful posture and curvature in my spine. Questions followed about my working position, chair, how many hours I’m sitting at a desk each day, looking at my phone, working with a laptop on my knee etc. You get the picture.

I didn’t fair well with any of those questions and accepted that I had an issue with a curving spine. It’s taken about 18 months to get back on track and I now shudder at the thought of all those weight sessions with no stretching or care for my mobility. 

But this blog isn’t just me whining about personal health. (h3)

Instead, it’s giving context to the latest addition to my lifestyle; The VARIDESK.

The VARIDESK is the award-winning sit-stand desk that was created to help offices become happier, healthier and more productive. 

The company provide desk solution to 95% of the Fortune 500 so a pretty big deal in the states, and now I’ve added the Pro Plus 36 to our London office.

I know I may be losing some of you here with words like Pro Plus 36 or the thought of having to stand while you’re working but please stay with me…

The set up allows me to either sit or stand and at the moment I’m probably sitting 75% and standing 25%. Already I can see that it will help to build a more active workspace because it encourages movement, energy and therefore productivity. 

Standing desks have lots of benefits including lowered blood pressure and risk of diabetes, as well as increasing blood flow. Additionally, for creatives looking to stay focused, studies show it improves concentration levels by 46%.

Although it’s a two man job to carry to your work station, it come’s in tidy packaging and is easy to assemble.

I would recommend giving this a go and aim to increase your standing time by 5 minutes a day. You’ll be surprised at how your body feels at the end of the week compared to how it felt slumped in that chair.