Contemporary eyewear for the modern-day Vagabond

By Adam Friday 26th Oct, 2018

Having a stylish pair of sunglasses is something high on the must-have agenda for most of us Dapper Chappers. However, they can be more than costly when considering that they seem to be one of those things that many of us lose or break, despite the deep love we develop for a good pair.

On one of our recent travels to trade shows we came across a new Swedish eyewear brand that stopped us in our tracks, which is quite something considering the waves of brands and stalls we walk past at these things. That brand was Beatnik, a intriguingly named option from Stockholm.

Born by two friends who like to travel but suffer regularly from the above dilemma, Beatnik is described as a brand for the contemporary vagabond and by that they mean the considered, care free element that likes to discover the unknown, adventure and independently follow their own nose.

“We understand the need for people to own a cool pair of sunglasses and that they can be pretty expensive, especially when they are so often misplaced,” says co-founder Erik Larsson. “We wanted to make sunglasses that captured a contemporary, classic style with polarised lenses that didn’t cost the earth.”

With a business background providing the perfect foundations, the newly-found entrepreneurs took on extensive market analysis to identify competitors, establish an exact position in the market and started to look at their own product with experienced designers in Sweden and from engineers at their potential suppliers in China.

“We worked tirelessly to ensure we arrived at exactly the model and packaging we wanted and then produced our first batch,” says Ocieczek. “We now know how to get a finished concept to a serial production and how to ensure quality,” he adds.

Having only launched in the summer of 2018, Beatnik has also been received well across Scandinavia and Australia, being confirmed for 200 physical retail stores in 2019, throughout those territories alone.

With one staple rounded-lense model across four colour-ways which include Moroccan Brown, Acid Blue, Cloudy Whisky and Amber Gold, Beatnik is set to introduce different size and style variations in 2019. Priced at $79.

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