1800 Silver Tequila Review

By Joe Burns Thursday 23rd Nov, 2017

The winter holidays are fast approaching so what better way to warm yourself up than with a tipple of a great tequila? Not everyone’s cup of tea but like we’ve said before, if you select a decent brand, tequila can be a surprisingly enjoyable spirit.

A fine example of such a tequila is the Silver, from true Mexican brand 1800. 100% agave plant extract distillation has been chosen and is sold in robust, imposing glass bottles that reflect the nature of the spirit inside. The cork stopper isn’t unique but of course we like it for its authentic touch.

Made from 100% Blue Weber agave plant, and distilled in the tried and tested ways at the Casa Cuervo facility in Jalisco, Mexico, 1800 Silver shares many attributes with the biggest names in tequila.

The tequila itself is perhaps more manageable than others you may have tried before. That is to say that the often overpowering agave flavour is still present, but it has a sweetness, a subtlety that you can actually get to grips with, rather than wriggling in your seat from the power of the spirit itself.

1800 Silver is also very smooth, surprisingly so in fact. Sip this tequila and notice that there is no real burn at all, which means you can spend more time actually processing the flavours and aromas rather than looking around at your friends and laughing at their reactions.
You may prefer to mix your tequila rather than drink it neat, and, like many others have found, we discovered that 1800 Silver is fantastic as the base in a Margarita, Tequila Sunrise or Paloma cocktail. Finally though, if you really do want to knock it back with salt and lime, then this will dutifully serve you well, and undoubtably will entice you to consider tequila as a drink for more than just a spectacle.
This great value, versatile and well respected tequila can be purchased in store or online at 31Dover.com for around £30 for 70cl.