Patrón Reposado Tequila Review

By Joe Burns Thursday 14th Sep, 2017

The DC bar is often restocked with whisky, vodka, gin and rum, but there is also always a spot for some tequila and today is the day for Patrón Reposado Tequila to take the limelight.

We’ve enjoyed the produce of Patrón before but this time we’re focussing on the Patrón Reposado tipple, brother to the very popular Patrón Silver.

In continuation from their easily recognisable image, the bottle design for Patrón Reposado takes the characteristics from Patrón’s Silver and Añejo tequilas. The cork stopper also adds to the theatre of opening and drinking this liquor & once the tequila is gone, they actually make great candle holders!

In the bottle, and once decanted too, Patrón Reposado has a faint straw colour – this is thanks to the blending process: Patron Reposado is actually a Patrón blend of their unique and famous tequila, but unlike the Silver, it’s aged in oak barrels for around 6 months similar to their more luxurious Añejo tequila.

The result is a spirit that sweet and caramel to start, with soft earthy agave notes combined, followed by quite a startling peppery finish and moderate afterburn. The honey characteristics continue throughout though, so this is quite a pleasant tequila to enjoy, especially if you’re not a regular tequila drinker like me.

If you do enjoy this, and when I say enjoy, I mean by sipping, then you may be enticed to sample the Añejo tequila, which itself is aged for a longer period of time for added complexities and refinement – more on that another time!

Patrón Reposado can be purchased for around the £48 mark for 70cl.

Enjoy neat and sip it – we’ve moved on from shots these days!