National Tequila Day: Maestro Dobel® Diamante™ Review

By Adam Friday 17th Jul, 2020

It may come as no suprise to hear that tequila sales have rocketed during lockdown, capturing the imagination of drinkers across the UK seeking to perfect their ‘locktail’ making skills at home.

When toasting National Tequila Day today (Friday 24th July), might we suggest servingpioneering Maestro Dobel® creators of two world firsts, including Mexico’s best-selling ultra-premium tequila, Maestro Dobel® Diamante.  Afterall, who knows great tequila better than its homeland?

The world’s first Cristalino, multi-aged tequila, Maestro Dobel® Diamante (£52.75) kick-started appetite for a crystal clear liquid, and this complex, silky smooth tequila is perfect for sipping neat or as a base for cocktails. It also happens to be the favourite of one of London’s most exciting Michelin-starred chefs, Rafael Cagali of Da Terra. Cagali has developed some signature Latino-Italian dishes to re-create at home which pair perfectly with Dobel Diamante.

Maestro Dobel Humito® (£48.95) is the world’s first, smoked silver tequila. An elegant reinterpretation of 17th century traditions, aromatic mesquite wood is utilised during cooking of the agave and results in extraordinarily balanced flavours of smokiness and agave. The tequila is superb straight or in cocktails and will also appeal to whisky fans.


All Maestro Dobel’s® pioneering, single estate tequilas are handcrafted and perfected in small batches. The Jimadores, the experts in the agave fields, select only the best of the season and wait for the optimum moment to harvest, allowing the blue weber agave to grow for at least eight years in the rich soil, under the shadows of Tequila’s volcanoes in Jalisco, Mexico.

All aspects of the founder’s artistry are unexpected, cutting edge and rule breaking in tequila terms – for generations the family business has prided itself on refusing to stand still and is set on inspiring and surprising anyone who already appreciates the highest quality tequila, while bringing adventurous and new consumers to the category – from those seeking the highest quality white spirits to those who appreciate carefully aged, single malt whiskies.

& if you want to make a special National Tequila Day.

Dobel Smoky Blackberry

  • 60ml Maestro Dobel Humito
  • 20ml Lemon or Lime juice
  • 15ml Blackberry syrup
  • 7ml Cointreau
  • Soda, lemon wheel and mint sprig

Instructions: Pour Maestro Dobel Humito, lemon juice, blackberry syrup and Cointreau into a cocktail shaker. Add ice to an old fashioned glass, strain drink over it, top it off with soda and garnish.

Tropical Sensei

  • 60ml Maestro Dobel Diamante
  • 7ml Yuzu juice
  • 20ml Grapefruit juice
  • 15ml Yellow tea Syrup
  • Steep tea bag in equal parts of hot water and sugar until dissolved.
  • 1 egg white

Instructions: Combine all the ingredients in a dry shaker and shake well for about a minute. Add ice and shake again for another minute. Strain into a large coupe glass and garnish with a thin grapefruit wheel.

Fruity Smooth Resolution

  • 45ml Maestro Dobel Diamante
  • 20ml Apricot Liqueur
  • 20ml Lemon Juice
  • 7ml Simple Syrup
  • Dash of Ginger Tincture