By Alex Noble Tuesday 14th Jan, 2020

We often hear people talking about how they’re looking forward to ‘Dry January.’ A time when they can allow themselves a rest period from all the partying and heavy drinking from the previous year, which crescendos around the Christmas period. Unfortunately, it’s seldom the case that this pre-January hype is all in vein, as people crumble at some point within the first fortnight.

We’re no strangers to a tipple but we’d also argue that often there’s no time like the present, and believe short-term detoxes often deliver greater effects than longer ones with more chance of incompletion.

The reason we are harping on about dry spells is because we may have found a wonderful solution that will make these detox periods far less painful (and boring).

We give you, Borrago.

It’s a non-alcoholic spirit, which contains zero sugar and zero calories. The spirit is comprised of six steam-distilled botanicals and is produced using traditional methodologies, without alcohol of course.

The flavour is a ‘luscious bouquet of citrus, splice and pepper notes.’ We’ve tried and tested it and can honestly say it’s a viable substitute for your usual, whatever that may be.

What’s more, if you’re hosting a party or having friends round, adding this to your bar means it’s a lot easier to not ostracise those designated drivers, soon-to-be mums or teetotallers. Borrago smells and tastes like alcohol without carrying the same effects…plus, no hangover!

So if you’re looking to indulge in a period of detox, arm yourself with Borrago and you’ll find it a much easier transition…Who knows, you may never look back.