Warner’s Alcohol Free Double Dry and Pink Berry Review

By Sam Brandon Wednesday 17th Feb, 2021

Dry January is over… so now what? Did you enjoy the New Year detox? Is it something you’d look to continue? If so, read on… if not, I won’t blame you for closing this window – go and enjoy a scotch or a G&T for that matter…

As many of you will be aware, alcohol-free spirits is a fast-growing market, targeting of people who want a mixed drink minus the booze – a group I’m personally often part of.

I took part in Dry January and feel totally refreshed, detoxed, and ready to hit the third lockdown even harder… hangover free.

Let us introduce you to the brand that helped us get through the month: Warners

They’ve been leaders in the ‘flavoured gin’ movement but their new 0% ABV botanical spirits are its first move into no and low-alcohol.

We tried a couple of flavours throughout January when a G&T called at 5pm each Friday – Double Dry and Pink Berry.

The Juniper Double Dry pairs cinnamon and cardamom with zesty lemon verbena and lemon thyme, while the Pink Berry combines raspberries and blackcurrant sage with chilli, ginger and Szechuan pepper.

More often than not, we made it a double, but it’s the addition of Mediterranean tonic that brings the drink to life.

What I like most about Warners Double Dry are the fresh herbal and pine aromas that seem to hit differently to anything I’ve tasted.

Warners suggest the Double Dry is best served bold –  50ml of Warner’s 0% Juniper Double Dry over ice, with a splash of Mediterranean tonic, orange and ginger.

So, If you are craving a G&T but are wanting something alcohol free, then the Warner’s Juniper Double Dry is the one for you.

Tasting notes;

Nose, Fresh herbal and pine aromas with hints of rose, lavender and pink pepper.

Palate, Soft and herbaceous with cardamom and mouth-watering citrus to compliment.

0% ABV & Suitable for vegans

RRP £18 at Warners.com