The World’s Thinnest Portable Display

By Jack Dignum Wednesday 23rd Mar, 2022

It’s time to talk tech.

Suave tech. Right up Dapper Chapper’s alley, tech. A piece of kit that’s both practical and sexy. A gizmo so great we haven’t stopped using it since it arrived. A device designed to make your workflow even more efficient. A tool so cool, it’s bound to turn heads. And whilst I’ve run out of superlatives to describe the new portable display from espresso, I must encourage you to read on, because you’re going to want one of these very soon…

Working from home the last couple of years has certainly had its benefits. But there have also been several drawbacks from not being in the office – one being my larger, second screen to connect to; working on my 13in screen with multiple windows open can certainly feel busy at the best of times. And for so many of us, our working week has changed dramatically.

The pandemic has accelerated at-home and hybrid working practices, which is why espresso displays – with its ultra-thin, portable second monitor options – have become popular world-over.

Created in 2018 by university friends Will Scuderi and Scott McKeon, the engineering duo felt restricted by their single laptop screens and the inflexibility of traditional, stationary monitors. More screen real estate was needed, which lead to the creation of what has become the world’s thinnest portable, touch display: espresso Display Version 2.0

First impressions

I always get excited unboxing a new device, especially when you get to see that untouched, immaculate screen on the front of the phone/laptop or in this case, espresso monitor. We’ve got for the largest device: the 15in Touch, along with the espressoCase, espressoStand and espressoPen.

The design and build of each piece feel solid and robust – even the display that is a razor thin 5.3mm in thickness feels indestructible. The collection of items in front of me have an aeronautical and (dare I say it) space-age look to them, and almost in sync with the stylings of my laptop.

It’s time to switch this beauty on.

Working faster on the move

espresso Displays can be powered directly from any device and can be set up in seconds. The new displays are versatile, and connect to any operating system, or collaboration platform. And with AutoRotation available across the range of screens, you can instantly adjust your content between landscape and profile formats, no matter the device, in seconds.

espresso has developed unique software, espressoFlow, to integrate its touch features with Mac and Windows users who seek a smooth and intuitive experience with applications and software. espressoFlow also enables the touch experience across applications like Adobe CC, Figma, Miro and Asana. Furthermore, espresso touch displays are also enhanced with Palm Rejection functionality, a feature designed to support and optimise creative tasks.

The downloading of espressoFlow and connecting the screen to my laptop took, in total, about 3 minutes. And before I know it, I’m flying through my work faster than before – all from the comfort of the dining room table. I even took the display and stand with me to a local communal workspace for a change of scene, and I had several people asking me about my set up. A set up that takes minimal effort to set up and dismantle, before fitting neatly into my laptop bag without a squeeze.

The espresso Display Version 2.0 is a magnificent piece of technology. And just like the brand name, it’s powerful, quick and does exactly what is says on the tin.

The nerdy bits

The new espresso Display Range:

  • ●  espresso Display 15 touch is the pinnacle of innovation by espresso with a rich and immersive screen that can be set up in seconds to perform.
  • ●  espresso Display 13 touch is a compact powerhouse with everything espresso innovation has to offer – intuitive hardware and software come together for the best in portability.
  • ●  espresso Display 13 offers the foundations of espresso’s premium design and intuitive functionality – all you need to perform in a simple, seamless and easy display format.

espresso Display Accessories:

  • ●  espressoStand: Portability, productivity, and a desktop environment come together in seconds with the espresso stand  no clips, screws or attachments.
  • ●  espressoCase: The case not only effectively protects the screen but it easily converts into a display stand.
  • ●  espressoMount: The espressoMount can be set up quickly with a VESA arm.
  • ●  espressoPen: Unleash your creativity and enhance your collaboration in any role with

precision using our customised pen that integrates seamlessly with your creation software and espressoFlow.

Pricing and availability:

espresso is available in the USA, Europe, UK and Australia.

  • ●  espresso Display 15 Touch: $749 AUD; $499 USD; €539 EUR; £469 GBP
  • ●  espresso Display 13 Touch: $669 AUD; $439 USD; €479 EUR; £419 GBP
  • ●  espresso Display 13: $529 AUD; $339 USD; €369 EUR; £339 GBP
  • ●  espressoStand: $99 AUD; $69 USD; €69 EUR; £69 GBP
  • ●  espressoCase: $69 AUD; $39 USD; €49 EUR; £39 GBP
  • ●  espressoMount: $79 AUD; $49 USD; €49 EUR; £49 GBP
  • ●  espressoPen: $119 AUD; $79 USD; €89 EUR; £79 GBP
  • ●  Cables for device compatibility are also available for purchase