How to do the BMW PGA Championship in Dapper Style

By Alex Noble Thursday 6th Jul, 2017

Golf’s a dapper sport isn’t it?

A lovely blend of traditional and wacky fashion, an etiquette list that’s as long as the yellow pages and the most wonderful and leisurely source of exercise known to man.

It’s also a magnificent spectators sport; and if you’ve not been, you’re in for a treat. The atmosphere is brilliant and the crowd, pretty bloody vibrant. It’s a bit like going to the dogs, apart from everything’s different, except the fact that they’re both rather miserable occasions in the rain.

There’s not many better golf outings, in the UK at least, than the BMW PGA Championship In fact it’s almost the perfect event for a chap seeking style, sophistication and some bloody good iron play.

The Championships have been kicking around since 1955, with Wentworth playing host since 72’, and with an illustrious list of champions in its back pocket, Wentworth always bring the big boys out.

This prestigious event is for all the big hitters, and I don’t just mean that in golfing terms old boy. If you’re planning to attend, enjoy a couple of tipples, do a spot of birdie watching and genuinely tear up the course, then I’d highly recommend you take out the metaphorical driver and take the hit.

Plus, if you’re unlucky and have to endure a spot of that aforementioned rain, a roof over your head may be just what you’re looking for…how about a little spot at the heart of the Championship’s villa, within the Moet Pavillion?

Fore! Champagne incoming.

Moet Pavillion Hospitality

Under cover if the heavens open, a short stroll to both the 1st tee and 18th green, and a wonderfully eclectic mix of spectators, meaning it’ll be neither too snooty, nor too raucous.

Thursday & Friday Package: £299

If you’re worried about missing the cut and are a Thursday or Friday man then it’s safe to say they’ll sort you out.

Enjoy a good old morning roll and coffee, followed by a lovely 3-course lunch ft. a pre-luncheon glass of bubbles, and a complimentary bar for beers and wines. That sounds like a splendid party to me, even if you don’t witness one single swing.

However, we are attending a gold championship, and included this package is a smashing spot on the 18th grand stand, which is a splendid spot in which to watch the players bring it home.

Saturday & Sunday Package: £199

If you’re more of a weekend warrior, and like the golf to be down to the nitty gritty, then the Saturday and Sunday package may tickle your fancy.

This is a slightly more informal offering, teeing off with a pastry breakfast avec coffees, followed by a 2-course lunch and afternoon tea to take out on the course. It’s a really lovely way to spend a day at the golf, and makes the occasion feel that little bit extra special.

This is a true gentleman’s sport and a Championship fit for a dapper chap; but sir, if I may, I would highly recommend the Moet Pavillion. Us true chaps never do half measures (whether it’s work, play or whiskys) so next year’s Wentworth Championships should be spent within the comfort of Moet and their wonderful hospitality.

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