Cubitts St James’s Collection

By Adam Monday 22nd Oct, 2018

Someone asked me the other day if I was ever tempted to get laser treatment on my eyes so I didn’t have to wear glasses. The answer is no. Without ever really thinking about it the glasses I’ve worn over the last ten years have been the focal point of my style and even an extension of my personality.

Therefore, I’m always interested in eyewear brands that are not afraid to showcase personality within their collections. 

A brand that undoubtedly does this is Cubitts. They pride themselves on making frames the traditional way and now have a popular store at number 68. Jermyn Street. In order to mark them becoming a St. James’s resident, they’ve released their St James’s collection. 

It comprises of 16 frame shapes, or silhouettes (if we’re getting technical) and works across 17 colours along with the option for made-to-measure.

The range draws on classic timeless shapes that have been popular across the last 200 years and was inspired by various links to St James’s history. Check out some of the collection below:

Frames are £425 exclusively at Cubitts St. James’s 68 Jermyn St, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6NY.