Sebago® & Universal Works Boat Shoes

By Adam Friday 14th May, 2021
We are expecting the sun to arrive some time soon in the hope that we get to put on a pair of Portland boat shoes courtesy of Universal Works and their latest coming together with Sebago®.
For spring-summer 2021: the classic boat shoe, inspired by traditional American designs which bring together artisanship, a contemporary feel and creative simplicity is re-imagined. After revisiting the Campsides label with new models presented last winter, Universal Works is collaborating with Sebago® again, focussing on the Docksides and creating a Portland boat shoe in different colour schemes including cream, dark brown and multi-tone – matching different textures and shades of the same coloured hides to create a ‘beautiful mistake’.
Made in high grade premium suede, these shoes feature removable fringes at the base of the tongue and thick, visible stitching. The boat shoes retail for £165 and you have to take a look. Stockists include Oi Polloi (Manchester), Peggs & Son’s (Brighton) and Liquor Store (Birmingham).