LA PAZ x Universal Works

By Adam Thursday 8th Apr, 2021
Coming together, standing shoulder-to-shoulder and enjoying a life without boundaries sounds good right? Especially in the current climate and such a dark time.
Well, there does seem to be some positives finally emerging and one of those for as at Dapper Chapper is the collaboration between Universal Works and Portuguese Label La Paz – two brands we have long admired and by no coincidence, the firmest of friends.
Celebrating the mantra ‘no borders, no nations, just people’, this capsule within the SS21 collection, shares the values of time-honoured designs, combined with ‘Made In Portugal’ quality across jackets, jerseys and soft knits. Featuring two sweats and two T-shirts in Ecru on Navy and vice versa, the message carried is effortless and affable ‘Peace, Love, Sea – Universal Works/La Paz Together’ underlining the Atlantic mood of La Paz and the Universal Works’ vision of a borderless united community.
“This latest collaboration is part of that truly global mix – working with Andre and Jose, who I know share the same approach to life and work,” says Universal Works co-founder David Keyte. “I am not big on “seasonal themes” and prefer a slower, more considered approach, keeping to the U.W routes, so this tightly curated coming-together is a perfect combination for both parties.”
The collection will be available on Thursday 25th March from stockists globally and online from
Universal Works