How to Don Cord this Winter

By Alex Noble Tuesday 20th Nov, 2018

This is a material that has created much debate in the world of men’s fashion, accustomed with middle-aged, social science teachers, who had been left ion the dark ages of men’s style. However, whether you like it or not, it’s making its way back and we’re really quite happy about it.

Trust us when we say it’s not been an easy road back for this chic material, thanks to many a dulcet tone of green and brown donned in some quite shocking ways. It is in fact a lot more versatile than you may think and we’re going to show you some examples of how to wear it this winter.


Now, this is an area where only the bold dare to go. Alarm bells are likely ringing in the ears of all contemporary gents who would never think of donning double denim, never mind a fully cord suit!

Well, if you look at the evidence, and by that I mean this wonderful suit from Brunello Cucinelli, you’ll be able to say that they absolutely work. When you get it right, you’ll be endorsing the look of a suave contemporary gentleman, with a dash of seventies chic, rather than a boring old teacher.

One key tip is avoid the classic stereotypes of said teachers, such as checked shirts, thick rimmed glasses and patterned ties…stick to those rules and your sartorial style can go up a level with a cord suit.


A notable moment in which a corduroy jacket was donned on the big screen was by Daniel Radcliffe when playing Harry Potter – it was a travesty, as the geeky looking wizard donned an oversized beige cord blazer, which really looked awful. It certainly wasn’t an outfit that suggested he was the chosen one. 

Thankfully we’re here to inform you that if you get the cut and colouring right (of which there is an abundance of choice) it can be a very valuable asset in your wardrobe.

What’s more, it’s one of the most tactical and durable fabrics, which makes it an excellent winter selection. Pair your blazer with a single toned merino roll-neck for a wonderful seasonal look. As Josh, from bespoke tailors Clements and Church shows us below:


When it comes to cord it’s a matter of perception; once you cast your eyes past the association with middle-aged men, corduroy trousers can be come a rather useful alley.

Avoid baggy styles that make your legs look like uneven tree trunks, sticking to slim cuts that give you a solid silhouette. What’s more, a cropped cord trouser can add an extra element of style.

A good rule to follow is to treat cord trousers like they’re patterned, letting your bottom half do the talking, and sticking to low key accompaniments. What’s more, brand out instead of sticking to earthy tones, with a personal favourite of ours being navy blue.

So, there you have it; three great ways to indulge in corduroy this winter and prove the doubters wrong. If you get the fit and colour right, it can set you a cut above the rest of your fellow chappers.