Summer Essentials from The Royal Exchange

By Adam Friday 29th Jun, 2018

What kind of traveller are you? The sort that leaves packing until the very last minute, because you’ve got so many episodes of your reality tv fix to catch up on, or the regimented type that packs a week in advance just to be sure they haven’t missed anything?

The next time you go to pack your suitcase, be it three weeks in advance of 10 minutes before you have to leave for the airport, I suggest you make a tick list that includes the items listed below. For me, they’re all travel essentials within their own right, and I wouldn’t dare embark on an adventure (to a 5 star luxury beach resort) without them.

All of the items listed can be purchased at The Royal Exchange which is a luxury destination in the heart of the City, offering an unrivalled collection of boutique shopping and dining within one of London’s most iconic and historic buildings. It’s the stunning building you see when you come out of Bank station that looks like this:

Orlebar Brown Swim Shorts

Just a stunning piece of swimwear design from Mike Williams. Tailored fitting, effortless style – a summer essential for us all I imagine. These are shorts you can swim in, leading with style and sophistication, and a dip in the pool to follow, if you like. A must-have every summer.

Mont Blanc Pen

A good holiday is jam-packed with moments that you truly think are unforgettable, yet due to the busy lives we lead, they often eventually fall into a big blur, which eventually turns into a simple ‘That was such a good holiday.’

My advice; keep a travel journal, where you can capture memories and keep them forever, jotting events and feelings. That was, the moments can be unforgettable. This is a stunning writing tool and the reasons I’d advise you acquire one, is mainly due to the fact, writing becomes a much more attractive holiday past time, when it’s done with one of these chaps. Period.

Bremont Watch

This stunning watch has a wonderful story behind it and would also be an epic statement piece on the wrist of any DC. 

The Bremont 1918 has been innovated to commemorate the RAF’s centenary year. It’s an organisation steeped in British history, playing a significant role in defending Britain on a number of occasions. Bremont have honoured such heroism by curating this delightful timepiece in celebration of the RAF’s centenary year. 

A Bristol Blenheim, a Supermarine Spitfire and a Hawker Hurricane are all incorporated into the watch, with features including their propeller blades in the rotor. All three flew during the summer of 1940 – A.K.A. the Battle of Britain, and were instrumental in Britain’s victory. 

Bremont have also stated that a percentage of each 1918 sold, will go to the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA), which has supported current and former RAF personnel for almost 90 years.

It’s a simply stunning watch, steeped in sentimental value and historical importance – wearing the 1918 would be an honour and would enhance any outfit, as well as being a wonderful conversation starter. 

Leica Camera

What is it they say; a picture speaks a thousand words?

Firstly, please do not allow this to tempt you away from keeping a travel journal – as I said earlier, words are a fantastic way of reminding yourself of how you felt during a moment. However, photographs are another special way of maintaining a holiday’s life in one’s mind.

This camera, inspired by life, will capture even the most fleeting moments and ensure they live long in the memory.

Whether you’re a mountain adventurer or a poolside lounger, this camera will assist you in discovering the extraordinary (and if you didn’t know that was possible whilst sitting by the pool then you need to work on your imagination).

Penhaligon’s Aftershave

No matter where you are in the world, or what you’re doing, a good scent is never lost nor overlooked. However, what I will say is that you should attempt to stand out of the crowd, instead of settling for the obvious and blending in with aromas that pepper peoples noses regularly on a. Daily basis.

Belgravia Chypre Eau de Parfum is both distinguished and distinctive and for the city’s most flamboyant traditionalists. This is the scent of a Dapper Chapper.

Aspinal Aerodrome Passport Cover

Passports are a real pain in the backside aren’t they – forever being left in drawers, taxis, on top of taxis – we just love to misplace them.

Lucky for you, I have the perfect remedy to your problems. Invest in a swanky passport cover, like this beaut from Aspinal, and I guarantee you’ll never leave it behind again.

TD Tom Davies Sunglasses

Tom Davies is your man for premium handcrafted sunglasses which are made from some of the globe’s quality materials.

They look great as well!

 Photography by Charlie Sawyer and all taken inside The Royal Exchange