Men Rock Double Edged Razor Review

By Joe Burns Tuesday 20th Mar, 2018
Having been a keen user of a double-edged safety razor for a few years now, it was great news to hear I’d be given a new tool to test in the morning, and that came in the shape of the Men Rock safety razor. 
For my testing and review, the safety razor itself came with the standard Men Rock branded razor blade, which I’m sure is actually made elsewhere but by whom is anyones guess. 
To start with, the razor comes in a very modest card board box box. Personally, I would have preferred a somewhat more robust choice of packaging – there’s something special about personal hygiene and grooming, and you want the products you use to feel special, that starts with how they’re packaged and unboxed, so I’d have to mark this down in that category.
Moving on to the razor though, and the first thing I noticed was the weight. I am used to using a chrome finished stainless steel razor, which does have some weight to it, but this is certainly heavier. In fact, my nerdy-ness took over and it’s actually a third heavier than my usual razor. What does this mean though? Well to put it bluntly (sorry), it felt a little bulky, which is odd when you’re using it to do something so careful and delicate. 
It’s a little longer than a lot of other razors too, and it has a very pronounced cross-hatched engraved grip around the stem, but combined, this makes for a very easy to hold razor, especially ideal if you have larger hands or you’re somewhat cack-handed!
The assembly method is perfectly familiar (if you’ve used this type of shaving product before) and the razor blade sits at a very similar, if not identical arched angle to my regular razor. A tiny bit more of the blade is revealed, and there’s adequate space underneath to prevent clogging, so this is certainly a comparable razor to my trusted choice. 
Looking from the top down though, and it’s clear to see the razor blade doesn’t sit perfectly centred – it’s slightly off to one side, which doesn’t really affect the performance of the shave, but just goes to show the manufacturing isn’t top-end. There’s also some Men Rock engraving on the head of the razor, which personally I’m not so keen on, and it could be placed elsewhere for a more subtle look. 
Overall, there are some shortcomings with this razor which could easily be improved upon, but for around £35, this isn’t going to break the bank, and it might be your first foray into using such a shaving product, so you won’t be making comparisons like me. 
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