MÜHLE Travel, Vegetable-Tanned Cowhide Travel Case, Mach3 Razor & Travel Brush

By Adam Tuesday 1st May, 2018

OK, so picture this: You’ve just flown a few hours across the Med, seated next to some annoying chatterbox, experienced a hold-up at airport security, endured an unorganised and very un-British taxi queue, and then had a taxi driver who made the airplane chatterbox seem like a saint…Now you’re finally in your hotel room ready to freshen up (wash, shave, style etc) only to realise you’ve forgotten your razor, or even worse, all your toiletries because they’re still in the pre-packed plastic bag on your bedroom dresser – Damn you planning ahead!

Either way, it’s not good!

The next part is even worse, as you attempt to use a cheap and nasty, 2-blade razor on your face…the use of sandpaper would likely be a more appealing alternative. Regardless, you end up with a very rouge neck and sour mood.

The Solution.

German grooming brand, MÜHLE, have created products that encourage gents to take the utmost pride in both their personal grooming and the tools they use. Very quickly, you become reliant on the quality of their product’s deliverance, meaning you’re highly unlikely to leave them behind during any travel. 

A Dapper Chapper favourite, and on review, was their Mach3 Razor, which comes accompanied with a travel brush, within a stunning leather case. Worth adding as well that the razor is available with a Fushion Blade also.

The Shave Itself

When using a tool of this prestige, shaving becomes an enjoyable art-form, almost like meditation, or yoga, as you elevate your appearance through a clean shave, creating a super-sharp aesthetic.

Not only will be using the 3-Blade Gillette Mach3 make you look better but it’ll also make you feel better, as your skin will be far less irritated thanks to the quality manufacturing of the razor. It’s a traditional piece of kit that produces such results, it’ll be one of the first things in your case the next time you go away!

Travelling in Style

Chappers, I hope you’ll agree that one can hardly carry a premium razor without an adequate case in which to store it!

This fantastic, untreated, vegetable tanned, natural cowhide leather case (apologies for the M&S ad -style adjectives) is long-lasting and durable, developing an individual patina in the course of its use – thus the longer you have it the more it truly becomes bespoke to you.

As MÜHLE say, it possesses, the traces of the owner, his travels and experiences.’

At Dapper Chapper HQ, we love to make mountains out of mole hills and so this product is definitely up our street. A premium and old-school styled razor, kept within a chic and bespoke leather case; that’s definitely a bit of us!

Visit MÜHLE  for more